James Germain

James Germain

For years, James Germain has offered a universe at the confluence of its Afro-Caribbean roots. Born in Port Au Prince, he grew up on St. Anthony’s Hill, a popular area of the capital. James sings with a melancholic voice great traditional tunes of voodoo mixed with opera-going experiences or even gospel, reinventing codes. Haiti, it’s folk songs and Voodoo, lie at the heart of his work. His pieces range from classic music to African-Caribbean music. In that sense, it is a rich universe at the crossroads of several worlds. After a third album “Kréol Mandingue”, produced in Mali, James is preparing a new album that demonstrates his deep roots in Haitian culture and his constantly renewed strength to impose his voice to the world.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring James Germain

Sep 182021

Haiti Cultural Exchange Presents Mizik Ayiti! With Malou Beauvoir And James Germain

Haiti Cultural Exchange Presents Mizik Ayiti! with Malou Beauvoir and James Germain!

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