Janos Pasztor

Janos Pasztor

Janos Pasztor is currently Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General (EOSG) of the United Nations in New York. A national of Hungary (and later also of Switzerland), he received his MS and BS degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Previously, his assignments included Policy and Science Director for Conservation at WWF International and Executive Secretary of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Janos Pasztor

Sep 192015

Documenting Natural Resources and Climate Change: Photography as a Tool for Education and Activating Change

In effort to create direct dialogue between journalists and policy makers, photographers Mustafah Abdulaziz and James Whitlow Delano will discuss their ongoing photography projects on water and climate change with moderator, Janos Pasztor, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Climate Change.

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