Jason Houston

Jason Houston

Jason Houston was introduced to the Amazon region in 2015, as part of a team from Science Magazine, investigating the possible causes for a dramatic increase in contact events between isolated tribes and remote villagers. He has since returned a dozen times with Upper Amazon Conservancy and other organizations, to try and better understand the tenuous relationship between isolated tribes and settled Indigenous communities, and how loggers, drug traffickers, illegal mining, and new roads are encroaching on protected areas and driving these conflicts.

Jason has partnered with many organizations including The Nature Conservancy, WWF, UNESCO, USAID, and the Pulitzer Center on projects ranging from wildland firefighting in the American west, and maternal healthcare in Haiti and Nepal, to small-scale fisheries throughout the developing tropics. His work has been published editorially, and exhibited around the world, and he is a Senior Fellow at the International League of Conservation Photographers, and a Fellow at Wake Forest University’s Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability.

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Sep 202020

Conversation with the Winners of the 2020 ZEKE Award

ZEKE Award winners Kristen Emack, Jason Houston, and Nicoló Filippo Rosso will present their winning projects and discuss their views on the state of documentary photography today.

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