Jason Roman (stockezy)

Jason Roman (stockezy)

Jason Roman (stockezy), is a portrait and street photographer born and raised in New York. His photography documents and explores ordinary moments we are accustomed to overlooking, reframing the mundane into a moment of note. Picking up his first camera just 4 years ago, he discovered that in time the camera will reveal what the photographer finds beautiful – the intricacies of light, the grace and intrigue of a simple gesture, the heart of what lies before him. As a self-taught photographer, he has a special appreciation for how accessible photography can and should be to anyone and has a YouTube series where he discusses his photographic journey.

Roman’s clients include The New Yorker, Google, Leica, and Genius, among others.

In true New York fashion, he doesn’t have a driver’s license but it’s okay because regardless he prefers to walk these streets with his camera, paying attention.

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Sep 132019

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