Jean Marques

Jean Marques is a Cuban-American artist and photographer based in Staten island, NY. In 2019 they graduated with an MFA in Photography and Related Media from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). They have been making and exhibiting work since 2015. Their work has been exhibited in galleries in New York (Gallery Q and The William Harris gallery in Rochester, NY), Florida (Miami Zine Fair, Miami, FL), and Oregon (Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR). In 2018 they received the “John Pfahl Scholarship” for their work in Graduate School, as well as winning the “Best Filmmakers Award” in the Short Attention Span Film Festival at William Harris Gallery, RIT.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Jean Marques

Reflections on Harbour

Alice Austen House
 archive : 2023

The images that I make are drawn from my daily experiences and made in an intuitive and spontaneous manner. I am drawn to personal portraits, evocative gestures, and the small details in someone or something that I can use to make a visual statement on the world-at-large.

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