Jennifer Santana

Jennifer Santana

Jennifer Santana is the Director of Photography for Men’s Journal magazine. Her passion and keen eye for photography has led her to specialize in portraiture, celebrities, fashion, travel, and adventure, while collaborating with the industry’s leading photographers. In her 17-year-career she’s worked at such diverse titles as Rolling Stone, Spin,King and Rides. When she’s not curating and producing photo shoots, she’s spending time with Sophia, her six-year-old daughter, and a future Olympic gymnast.

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Sep 152017

The Big Mistakes Photographers Make

Sacha Lecca, Deputy Photo Editor at Rolling Stone magazine, will talk with Jennifer Santana, Photo Director at Men’s Journal, photographers Joe McNally, Amy Lombard and Mathieu Young to hear how they’ve conquered business obstacles, plus their best advice for those just starting out.

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