Jonathan Y Bundu

Jonathan Y Bundu

Jonathan Y Bundu has been a Development Communicator for the past 16 years. He holds a Diploma and Certificate in Cultural Studies and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He majored in English and minored in Mass Communications and Politics, and he is currently enrolled for his M.Phil in Mass Communications. Jonathan’s career in photojournalism dates back to the 2000. In his work with Save the Children, Concern World Wide and World Vision, photography has been a critical tool to capture donor interventions in rural communities and bring out the transformation in the lives of those people. Apart from photojournalism, Jonathan Bundu is a film and documentary maker, focusing on the rights of women and children. Jonathan also writes for Radio, Stage and TV, and worked with Search for Common Ground-Talking Drum Studios in the popular radio soap Opera ATUNDA AYENDA (meaning LOST and FOUND in Mandingo).

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Sep 242016

Images of Africa: Lessons Learned from Media Coverage of Crises

At the height of the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa, there was intense global media coverage — much of it focused on international aid efforts. The media was criticized for depicting Africans as silent victims, ignoring the many citizens who mobilized to fight the epidemic. What role can media play in conveying a more nuanced and multifaceted view?

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