Juan Hoyos

Juan Hoyos

Juan Hoyos is a New York based graphic designer and photographer. He has been an International Brand Ambassador for Lomography since 2010.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Juan Hoyos

Sep 282014

Lomography: The Baby Camera for Kids

The small point and shoot Lomography 110mm cameras are the easiest way to learn analogue technology; it is easy to load, shoot and go play around with. The kids will learn the basics of analogue photography and how to load and use a camera.

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Sep 212014

Make Your Own Film Movie with the Lomokino Camera

The Lomokino camera is the only 35mm movie camera that allows you to create and share your own short movies. Learn more about the history of the film movies, how to load and use this camera, and how to create and shoot your own movies.

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