Kate Sterlin

Kate Sterlin is the curator of Faces of Harlem. Sterlin first met Boyewa El when they were dropping off their two-year-olds at Children’s Liberation Daycare Center in the Lower East Side a million years ago. Many lifetimes later, these two-year-olds are making their way in the world as 26-year-olds. Sterlin and Boyewa El have come back together for this very special project—bringing Faces of Harlem to its full potential by combining many of Sterlin’s skills from her years in the art and design sector. While her love and passion has been as an image maker, she has always taken opportunities to create spaces for art and community. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Kate Sterlin

Faces Of Harlem

Harlem Historic Parks
 archive : 2021

Faces of Harlem is a photography exhibition celebrating the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance with 100 Harlem portraits.

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