Lanna Apisukh

Lanna Apisukh is a portrait and documentary photographer based in New York City. Her work explores people and their relationship to place, culture, and identity through bold and honest stories she strives to create in her images. Apisukh’s background as a former elite gymnast and skateboarder continues to inspire her work today with the dynamic individuals and communities she photographs. She is a regular contributor at the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine covering categories in food, fashion, business, life, and arts.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Lanna Apisukh

Everybody Skate

LES Coleman Skate Park
 archive : 2022

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Everybody Skate is a documentary photo project highlighting women and non-traditional skateboarders in New York City. Brooklyn-based photographer Lanna Apisukh began the project in 2018 — sharing stories of courage, camaraderie, and athleticism through this portrait of a small but growing community.

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