Leslie Fair

Leslie Fair

Founder of Inclusion Strategies LLC, Leslie Fair has worked internationally for more than 25 years as a UN Senior Training Officer, Regional Stress Counsellor (both within the UN Department of Safety and Security), educational consultant, international School Psychologist, and Teacher—developing and delivering programs for personnel serving in 140 countries

UN ethical standards, core values (e.g., respect for diversity), and international normative human rights frameworks have guided Leslie in her work for more than two decades. In addition, her service within international settings has given her a unique perspective on talent development, diversity & inclusion, conflict resolution, and the nexus between individual behavior and organizational cultures. As a manager, psychologist, stress/resilience counsellor, training officer and educator, she has the highly specialized expertise required to facilitate sessions that truly promote belonging and well-being for all.

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Oct 82021

Disruptive Creativity Talk (ENCORE RECORDING)

Discover how to use photography as a form of self-care and embrace the challenges encountered as opportunities

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