Marion Schneider

Marion Schneider

Marion Schneider is a scholar, ethnographer, and spa entrepreneur living in the state of Thuringia in Germany. She is the co-author, along with photographer Linda Troeller, of the acclaimed 1998 volume The Erotic Lives of Women (Scalo, 1998) that paved the way for her second book project with Troeller, Orgasm: Photographs and Interviews (Daylight, 2014). Schneider’s interest in exploring female sexuality originates from her work as an ethnographer and historian. She is the co-owner of Toskanaworld, a renowned group of spas and hotels in Germany that offer preventative and rehabilitative therapies.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Marion Schneider

Sep 202014

Daylight Books Fall 2014 Pre-Launch Signing

Please join us for a pre-launch book signing for Daylight’s Fall 2014 titles including Linda Troeller & Marion Schneider – Orgasm; Robert Shults – The Superlative Light; Elaine Mayes – Recently; Wyatt Gallery – #SANDY; E. Brady Robinson – Art Desks; and Hiroshi Watanabe – The Day the Dam Collapses. The artists will be present to chat, answer questions and sign books.

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