Maxim Mjödov

Maxim Mjödov is a fine art photographer, born in Tallinn, Estonia. Fascinated with emulsion based photography, he has devoted himself to studying this technique since 2003. He is experimenting in search of various expressive forms and photographic possibilities that could be used to learn more about and analyze his life and surroundings. The main topics of his work are the relationships in modern society, transformation and influence of landscape, perception of time, narratives and poetry in the photography. He was the winner of the Artproof Grant Estonia in 2014. Earlier, in 2011 he was awarded first prize of the F-stop Magazine for his documentary project. He was selected among the finalists of the PFmagazine documentary photo competition.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Maxim Mjödov

The Others

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2018

Three Estonian photographers open doors that lead into three different communities of the Others in Estonia.

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