Mohamed Mahdy

Mohamed Mahdy, born and raised in Egypt, is a documentary photographer and filmmaker whose work concentrates on the buried and unseen communities there, as well as cultural and social issues. His work has been exhibited at the 25 Youth Salon and the Ministry of Culture, as well as in Maine and New Mexico, and has twice exhibited his work with the Ian Parry Scholarship in London. Mohamed was the youngest ever speaker at the Dubai Photo Forum in 2016. He is completing his studies in multimedia arts at PUA University in Alexandria.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Mohamed Mahdy

Moon Dust

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2018

Wadi El Qamar, also known as Moon Valley, is a residential area located in the west of Alexandria, Egypt, next to the Portland Cement Factory. Just ten meters away from the residential area, the factory processes coal and garbage. It layers the homes of more than 30,000 people with toxic dust, causing tremendous health problems to those that live there.

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