Nolwen Cifuentes

Nolwen Cifuentes

Nolwen is a first generation Colombian-French photographer and director, born and raised in the desert of Southern California. She now resides and works in Los Angeles. As a mixed race queer woman, her identity plays an active role in the type of narratives she is drawn to. Her interests lie in shifting social consciousness, breaking down gender norms, and representation. Exploring portraiture within the landscape of American culture, Nolwen’s photographs deal with vulnerability and gaze between both subject and viewer. Nolwen approaches each portrait with openness and curiosity. Her images are a collaboration between herself and the person she’s photographing. Leaning in to the energy of her subjects, Nolwen evokes a sense of authenticity and compassion to whoever sits in front of her lens.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Nolwen Cifuentes

Oct 12020

Artist Talk: Perspectives from Lit List 2020 Photographers

Lit List 2020 photographers Isabel Okoro, Justin J Wee, Nolwen Cifuentes, Carmen Daneshmandi, and Samantha Cabrera Friend will show work and discuss their experiences within the visual media industry.

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