Pablo Delano

For the last twenty years, Pablo Delano has collected artifacts related to the colonization of Puerto Rico. After amassing a substantial archive, he began to think about the ways he could, as a visual artist, employ these materials to examine the history of his homeland. The result was a series of site-specific installations that examine the fraught history of U.S. colonialism, paternalism, and exploitation in Puerto Rico. Known as The Museum of the Old Colony, the project also challenges the ways traditional museums of art, history, and anthropology tell this story.

The Museum of the Old Colony has been exhibited at Alice Yard, Trinidad and Tobago, The National Gallery of Jamaica, in Kingston, The 7th Argentine Biennial of Documentary Photography, Tucumán, Argentina, King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center at New York University, New York City, Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, in San Juan, Hampshire College Art Gallery, Amherst, Massachusetts, and the Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

The Museum of the Old Colony resides in the permanent collection of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico (Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico).

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Pablo Delano

The Museum of the Old Colony

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn
 archive : 2020

The Museum of the Old Colony is a conceptual art installation that examines the fraught relationship between the U.S., and its modern-day colony Puerto Rico, through the use of appropriated historical imagery and objects.

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