Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Patricia Lay-Dorsey is a Detroit-based humanist photographer. She is the 2015 Critical Mass Rauschenberg Residency award winner and has had her self-portraits of living with multiple sclerosis published in the 2013 book “Falling Into Place.” She was chosen by as the Michigan representative in their feature ‘Instagram Photographers to Follow in All 50 States,’ and has had solo exhibitions around the US and China. But she will probably be remembered less as a photographer than as ‘Grandma Techno,’ the name that she was first given by fans at Movement Detroit 2007 and—thanks to social media and the internet—has become famous among electronic music lovers across the globe.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Grandma Techno Checks In

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2018

Some projects we choose, and others choose us. “Grandma Techno Checks In” tells the story of three weeks in early 2018 when I was hospitalized for flu-related problems exacerbated by the chronic progressive MS I have lived with since 1988.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Sep 162018

Inspired Live at Photoville

Join us for a fast-paced presentation by a unique group of cross-disciplined Photoville artists as they reveal their sources of creativity.

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