Poochie Collins

Inspired by love, I choose to communicate to the world by showing the most intimate parts of myself through my subjects’ reflections. With my community’s continuous support and guidance from my ancestors, I am on a constant journey of rediscovery. Unbeknownst to me, my work has become the breadcrumbs of my life story, depicted through reflections of people, documenting moments of stillness, and finding my way back to myself. Photography has soothed and healed me through movement and celebration of self and community. As I evolve, how I communicate with the world will change, be guided by light, and will always be rooted in love.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Poochie Collins

Our Black Experience: Stories from Black Women Photographers

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2023

Explore Black femininity through the lens of four Black Women photographers. We invite you into a black woman’s home while you view photographs of the Our Black Experience.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Poochie Collins

Jun 42023

Meet the Artists of: Our Black Experience

Join the artists of Our Black Experience: Stories From Black Women Photographers for a container-side chat about their work, their exhibition, and the stories that they have selected to represent their experiences of life as Black Women.

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Jun 42023

Black Women Photographers Container-side chat

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