Priyanca Rao

Priyanca Rao has a background and heritage that influences her photography in a unique way. Born and raised in India, Priyanca then went to fashion school in London and moved to NYC in 2012. She can be found practicing street photography in New York City and chasing down psychological documentary stories that show a unique perspective on human life. Her documentaries satisfied her desire to understand how and why we behave a certain way as human beings and evoke deep emotions. She is also a photography mentor and educator who is passionate about helping other photographers refine storytelling through powerful photography.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Priyanca Rao

The Goldfish Project

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2023

Rekha works long hours at a male dominated fish market under the scorching sun. Everything from her optimism to her colorful skirts set her apart. She works long hours and lives happily in a tiny slum. Despite what she has overcome in her life, she is resilient and cares for the others in her community. The goldfish signifies that you are called to help others, that change is always happening, and you must learn to go with the flow.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Priyanca Rao

Jun 62023

Photoville Education Field Trips: Priyanca Rao

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