realities:united was founded in 2000 by Jan and Tim Edler, as an interdisciplinary studio for art and architecture. In 2003, they achieved international fame with BIX—the light and media facade of the Kunsthaus Graz. The two brothers are also the initiators of Flussbad Berlin, an urban development project funded by the federal and state governments for the collective use of the Spree Canal in central Berlin, whose seemingly utopian approach has caused controversy. Since 2000, they have been executing projects primarily in collaboration with other architects and artists. These include building projects with Peter Cook and Colin Fournier in Graz, EM2 N in Zurich, Moon Hoon in Singapore, and Will Alsop in Toronto. The brothers’ work originates at the intersection of art and architecture—between experimental and technical realization.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring realities:united

The Four Elements

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn
 archive : 2021

The Four Elements from the Visual Thinking Collective showcases four bodies of work—the elements visually interpreted by: Nadia Aly (Water), selected by Lauren Steel; Oded Balilty (Earth), selected by Sarah Leen; realities:united (Air), selected by Shannon Simon; and Marcus Yam (Fire), selected by Elizabeth Krist.

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