Samantha Cabrera Friend

Samantha Cabrera Friend

Samantha Cabrera Friend is a visual artist from Chicago who uses photography, writing, public research and journalism to explore local histories, traditions, and sociopolitical issues affecting female-based communities on a global scale. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and is the founder and curator of Quinceañera Archives—a visual repository which fosters online dialogues and community-driven research, around the historical importance of one’s cultural lived experience.

With a methodology based in historical research, ethnographic studies, and large format photography, Samantha makes work to challenge the defining process and resulting phenomena behind modern western value in journalistic, academic, and fine art spheres today.

Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Samantha Cabrera Friend

Oct 12020

Artist Talk: Perspectives from Lit List 2020 Photographers

Lit List 2020 photographers Isabel Okoro, Justin J Wee, Nolwen Cifuentes, Carmen Daneshmandi, and Samantha Cabrera Friend will show work and discuss their experiences within the visual media industry.

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