Sandra M. Stevenson

Sandra M. Stevenson

Sandra M. Stevenson is an award-winning Writer / Visual Editor / Curator in the photography department at The Washington Post. As a deputy director of photography, she manages a team of picture editors who work on International, Climate, and Health + Science. Prior to joining The Post, Sandra was an associate deputy director of photography at CNN, where she managed picture editors who curated the home screen, edited stories and newsletters, as well as special projects. Prior to that, she was an Assistant Editor who oversaw digital photo editors on the news desk, and worked on visual content for Race/Related and the Gender, in addition to exclusive projects such as “Overlooked” and “This Is 18.”

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Sandra M. Stevenson

Foreign Correspondent, Photographer, Storyteller: The Life And Legacy Of Christopher Dickey

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 6
 archive : 2021

Christopher Dickey’s pictures capture moments as though he is taking copious notes, wanting to freeze a point in time so as not to forget it.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Sandra M. Stevenson

Jun 22024

Safety 101 for Visual Journalists

A practical two-hour workshop introducing visual journalists to safety as a pillar of professionalism and best practice.

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