Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Sara Lewkowicz is a native New Yorker with a master’s degree in visual communication from Ohio University in Athens. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Sara is a two-time World Press Photo winner, she was awarded first place in Contemporary Issues in 2014, and third place in the same category in 2016. She was the 2014 L’Iris d’Or winner, and has won several other grants and awards, including the 2013 Alexia Student Grant, and the 2013 Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award, and she has been named the 2013 College Photographer of the Year by POYi.

Her work has been published in National GeographicThe New York Times MagazineTIME MagazineDer SpiegelL’Espresso, and numerous other magazines and newspapers.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Cheering on the Border

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 2
 archive : 2020

Cheering on the Border is a story of the border not as a boundary, but as a region, and how life in that region is experienced by a specific group of high school cheerleaders.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Sep 282013

Artist Talk: Sara Naomí Lewkowicz

Sara Naomí Lewkowicz, a graduate student studying photojournalism at Ohio University, began photographing Shane and Maggie in September of 2012. She had set out to document the difficulties Shane faced as a convicted felon trying to rebuild his life. One night, after several months of intermittently documenting the couple, the mounting tensions in their relationship exploded into violence, which Sara documented. During this artist talk, Sara will walk the audience through the events of the evening and her experience that transitioned her life and career from a student to a photojournalist and advocate against domestic abuse.

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