Sofia Aldinio

Sofia Aldinio

Sofia Aldinio is an Argentine American documentary photographer and storyteller based between Joshua Tree, California and Baja California, Mexico. Her career as a documentary photographer started in 2014, and her work is guided by themes such as immigration, climate change, and preserving natural and cultural heritage. Being both an immigrant and a Latino woman has deeply influenced her way of seeing and thinking. Over the past five years her work has focused on amplifying the stories of immigrants and refugees arriving in the Northeast of the United States. Her current project Awake in the Desert Land explores how climate change is threatening traditions and ways of life in small communities living in Baja California, Mexico, that depend directly on natural resources to survive.

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Oct 22021

Presentation And Discussion With The 2021 ZEKE Award Recipients

Three ZEKE Award recipients will present their winning projects and discuss doing documentary work in different parts of the world.

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