Sol Aramendi

Sol Aramendi

Sol Aramendi is a socially engaged artist and educator working with immigrant communities throughout New York. She is the founder of Project Luz, a nomadic program that uses art as a tool of empowerment. Project Luz Participatory Practice promotes change around fairer labor and immigration conditions.

Current Exhibitions Featuring Sol Aramendi

Stories of Belonging | Historias de Pertenencia

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 on show

“Stories of Belonging” explores the history of TPS (Temporary Protective Status) workers, who are fully employed, have resided and worked in the U.S. for more than 25 years, and their struggle for their rights as migrant workers and for the right to American citizenship.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Sol Aramendi

Jun 82024

Stories of Belonging: Central American TPS Workers’ Defiant Struggle for their Right to Stay Home in U.S.

Join us for a talk and walking tour of the “Stories of Belonging” photo exhibit. Meet and listen to the project organizers and TPS community members speak about their experiences within the movement for migrant worker rights, immigrant worker justice, workplace justice, union organizing, and American rights of citizenship.

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Sep 222019

Salida Fotografica

¡Únete a nuestro primer taller impartido íntegramente en español! / Join us for our first ever workshop taught entirely in Spanish!

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Sep 212019

Tour en español con Sol Aramendi del Proyecto Luz

Join Sol Aramendi of Project Luz for a Spanish language tour of Photoville. / Haga un tour en español de Photoville con Sol Aramendi para el Proyecto Luz.

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Sep 282014

Migrant Camera

Migrant Camera is a nomadic camera obscura tent inspired by worker shelters aesthetics built by Union and undocumented workers, with the idea to foster conversations in Public Spaces between the workers, stakeholders and general public about life and work, in addition to symbolically addressing the existing social order for immigrants by turning the world upside down.

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