Stefan Killen

Stefan Killen

Stefan Killen has been taking pinhole photographs of the New York metropolitan area for close to 25 years. Using cameras designed to hold 120 mm film, Stefan has photographed Times Square, Central Park, Coney Island, Green-Wood Cemetery, subways, ferries, parades, the waterfront, and more. His work has been exhibited at the Alan Klotz Gallery in New York and in shows juried by gallery owners Larry Gagosian and Molly Barnes, and is in private collections throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. His work was included in the award-winning book “Out of Focus: Pinhole Cameras and Pinhole Photographs” (Niggli, 2012), and in 2009 was featured in United Airlines’ in-flight magazine Hemispheres. His website has been picked up by such blogs as,,,, and, and he is currently working on several books of his pinhole photography. Stefan grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and received a B.A. from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where he studied drawing and painting.

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Sep 132015

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A hands on photography workshop where participants can experience the low-fi magic of pinhole photography!

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