Suzanne Valkenburg

Suzanne Valkenburg (Netherlands, 1981) graduated in photography (MFA) at St. Joost School of Arts in Breda (NL) and is a documentary photographer.

From her background as a visual artist, she makes unremarkable worlds visible with her long-term projects and photo series. No flat, overly stylized images, but striking, pure images. Both autonomously and on commission, she shares her images with people who are looking for real and pure images. Her photo series As free as a bird is also captured in a self-published book and exposed at several exhibitions.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Suzanne Valkenburg

As Free As A Bird

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2023

As Free As A Bird is an ostensibly casual portrait of an invisible, closed community of mobile home dwellers in the Netherlands. A world in itself, containing free spirits not constrained by employment agreements or civic duties, with their own unwritten rules, taste and culture.

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