Suzette Bousema

With the same curiosity as a scientist, Suzette Bousema visualizes contemporary environmental topics. Planetary conditions and our place among them, are the starting point in her work: the way humans interfere with nature, and how we relate to the Earth on an individual level. By visualizing the beauty of scientific research, she seeks to contribute to ongoing environmental debates in a positive way.

These days, one of her main sources of inspiration is the philosopher Timothy Morton, who writes about the hyperobject: such a big and abstract object that we cannot see or touch it, we can only experience it through its effects on us.

Through art–mainly photography, Bousema tries to gain a better understanding of environmental hyperobjects, like climate change or global pollution.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Suzette Bousema

Climate Archive

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn
 archive : 2020

Climate Archive by Suzette Bousema explores ancient ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland, as a visual representation and future prediction of climate change.

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