Tekpatl Kuauhtzin

Tekpatl Kuauhtzin is a Nawa creative based in Yaangna, Southern California on unceded Gabrielino Shoshone, Tongva and Kizh territory. His visual storytelling methodologies are informed by the story-keeping tradition of the Tlakwilo, who have safeguarded Nawa narratives and life-ways since the beginning of time. Tekpatl’s work sheds light on Indigenous reciprocity and stewardship of the natural world. Through the documentation of these stories, we are able to learn from previous generations and teach the generations to come how to live in better harmony with our ecosystems.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Tekpatl Kuauhtzin

Timotlakwaltis: Reclaiming Our Sustenance

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza

This collection of images is a glimpse into Tekpatl’s relationship with traditional food systems and the natural world through his perspective and the teachings of others.

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