Thomas Ryan RedCorn

Thomas Ryan RedCorn

Thomas Ryan RedCorn (Wakant’ia), was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma into a family of preachers, salesmen, and politicians which are all pretty much the same occupation. He is the ilonpa of Raymond and Elizabeth RedCorn, and the object of jealousy from his three younger brothers Jon, Alex, and Studebaker, who between them have three masters degrees and two Phd’s. Ryan, however, took 6 and half years to get an art degree in visual communications from the University of Kansas.

To the surprise of many, Ryan has been able translate his education, his inlonpa entitlement, and his family lineage into something some people think is valuable. Sometimes people laugh at him and he’s ok with this. He recently woke one morning and realized he was married and had three daughters. He remarked, “I live a crazy life” and promptly enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting program to test his capacity for stress. Ryan is a member of the Osage Nation and resides in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

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Sep 222019

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Five photographers from the Natives Photograph community will discuss their work, the importance of representation in the industry, and their process as Indigenous visual storytellers.

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