Yolanda Hoskey

My work is driven by the notion that blackness is non-monolithic. Growing up, I would see the same archetypes of blackness portrayed in the media, contrary to the examples around me in my day-to-day life. I imagine a world where blackness is documented as multi-dimensional. In my images, I feel it necessary to visualize black people as dynamic, soft, free, and unapologetic. I use a mixture of portraiture, documentary, and fashion photography as tools to express these ideas. As an image maker, I aim to create a truer, more nuanced catalog of the black identity.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Yolanda Hoskey

Our Black Experience: Stories from Black Women Photographers

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2023

Explore Black femininity through the lens of four Black Women photographers. We invite you into a black woman’s home while you view photographs of the Our Black Experience.

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Archive Sessions and Events Featuring Yolanda Hoskey

Jun 42023

Meet the Artists of: Our Black Experience

Join the artists of Our Black Experience: Stories From Black Women Photographers for a container-side chat about their work, their exhibition, and the stories that they have selected to represent their experiences of life as Black Women.

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Jun 42023

Black Women Photographers Container-side chat

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