Zahra Mojahed

Zahra Mojahed is an Afghani photographer. Due to the Taliban’s persecution of the Hazara ethnic minority group, Mojahed and her family fled to Iran when she was 5 years old. There, they faced discrimination as well, and later sought asylum in Greece in 2019.

She was quickly drawn to photography through ReFOCUS Media Labs, a global network of media labs dedicated to equipping asylum seekers and refugees with modern media creation skills.

Mojahed’s work is featured in 1000 Dreams, an exhibit through which refugees tell the stories of other migrants. She tracked down, photographed, and interviewed 70 migrants for the project. The exhibit is supported by Witness Change, a non-profit founded by National Geographic Explorer and photographer Robin Hammond.

Her dream is to continue her education and one day be recognized as an influential female photographer and filmmaker. Through her work, she seeks to inspire and support vulnerable women of different cultural backgrounds.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Zahra Mojahed

Identity Through Crises

Hudson Yards
 archive : 2022

Presented by The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Indigenous Photograph, with additional support from the Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance

Identity Through Crises highlights the many aspects that shape our individual and collective identities — exploring the evolution of identity through global crises and conflict, and celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

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