Zynab Cewalam

The images in this series were captured by Zynab Cewalam, an Egyptian-American fine art film photographer based in New York City. Her work focuses on portrait-style photography in the most honest way. She is inspired by the softer, empathetic side of humans contrasted with her love for the alluring side of fashion. Cewalam started her career wandering into the fashion world, where she craved more creative direction behind the scenes. Her love for film photography began in the lab room, where she stood alone with her images, developing and printing her work as she envisioned them. She works with Film By Two, which was created to venture into the world of storytelling through different mediums: film photography, digital photography, and filmmaking. Dedicated to creating a world beyond reality while maintaining a sense of realism, Film By Two believes that every story is worth capturing to be remembered.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Zynab Cewalam

Malikah: Building Power And Safety For Our Communities

Astoria Park
 archive : 2021

Malikah was founded by Astoria native Rana Abdelhamid, to build community and share resources with people impacted by hate and gender-based violence in a post-9/11 New York City. This series highlights the beauty and importance of our individual and collective journeys as we work towards a more just world.

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