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Segregation by Design

31 Jul 2019 CONTAINERS
Photo of man in Barbershop

Featuring: Jamahl Richardson with the students in UNIS Human Rights Project

Presented by
PROOF: Media for Social Justice and United Nations International School

Curated by
Leora Kahn





Segregation and the City was created by students from New York City high schools who took part in the 2019 UNIS Human Rights Project. They built on the work of students who took part in 2017 and 2018, and they studied disparities in health, housing, and the criminal justice system.

The exhibit is the culmination of training in human rights, advocacy, photography, oral history, and three intensive weeks traveling throughout the city to meet with academics, community organizers and activists working to end segregation in housing, healthcare, the criminal justice system and education.

We believe that human rights should not be determined by a person’s zip code, and that no one should be segregated from resources and opportunities. We also believe that photos and stories are powerful tools for social justice.

Through this project, we hope to raise awareness of the harms caused by the city’s persistent segregation, and to advocate for policies that will not only end it, but remedy its disparities.


The United Nations International School (UNIS), is affiliated with the United Nations. UNIS offers a K-12 education guided by the UN principles of global peace, fundamental human and equal rights, sustainability, and social progress. Its global curriculum enables students to better understand and act upon current global challenges. Students at UNIS come from over 120 countries.

PROOF: Media for Social Justice, organizes and documents global and domestic social injustices to reveal the power of everyday upstanders. PROOF’s network of human rights activists facilitates the testimony of those who take action against injustice. By engaging a network of photo journalists, activists, and scholars ethically collecting testimonies, PROOF’s exhibitions and workshops are encouraging righteous action.

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