Lights at night in Shanghai


18 Aug 2020 Brooklyn
Freedom Express: featuring windshield & mountains
Image by Yirui WU

LOCATION: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Empire Fulton Ferry Park Area | Get Directions


Within Surrounds, our viewers can look forward to a very diverse exhibition of work considering that which surrounds us literally, and from perspectives a bit more nebulous.

Yijia FENG mysteriously examines the concept of identities in her psychologically captivating landscape portraiture, while the photographs of the landmarks in Shanghai, by Xinyu WANG, are a direct representation of man-made surroundings in our modern environment.

There are fresh, unexpected takes on materials, as seen in Yirui WU’s daily documentary works, which push the boundaries of how far photography can go—in this case, using the surrounding constructed objects.

The show also features explorations into photography techniques, exemplified by Jiahui XU’s and Yiqing ZHU’s images, which establish a unique perspective that transcends spatial and temporal constraints.

Featuring: Yijia FENG, Xinyu WANG, Yirui WU, Jiahui XU, Yiqing ZHU

Curated by: Chloe Ning


As one of the leading photography schools in China, the Photography Department at Shanghai Normal University offers students the remarkable opportunity to study under award-winning professional photographers who remain active in many genres of photography, from documentary photography to commercial work, and photojournalism.

The students’ works have been exhibiting at both Chinese and International Photography Festivals, such as Pingyao International Photography Festival, Dali International Photography Festival, Fremantle International Photography Festival, Photoville, etc.

Alumni go on to work as photojournalists in national newspapers, such as CCTV, The, Xinmin Evening News, Tencent News, etc., as art critics in art magazines, such as ArtWorld magazine; also freelance documentary photographers.