a dark room lit up with strings of yellow and red lights part of a series called The Enigma Room

The Enigma Room

24 Jul 2019 CONTAINERS
Three people at the beach with one woman dressed in a white gown wet part of the series called The Enigma Room

Featuring: Ed Kashi, Michael Curry

Presented by

Ed Kashi Studio


Curated by

Brenda Bingham, Rachel Dennis

The Enigma Room challenges perception–the fact of the photograph versus the mystery of digital alchemy. In this work, Kashi allows coding to transform his extensive archive, spanning the globe over the course of four decades. Kashi has often been at the forefront of experimentation with visual language, and for this installation he embraces coding as the new mode of creation and consumption of photography.

In The Enigma Room, Kashi weighs truth against reality, searching for where the two intersect, and where they diverge. Through digital translation, this work weaves photographs, video, and audio, transporting the viewer to discover new planes of subjective realities. This visual journey immerses us in the physical and transcendent elements of life through cycles of chaos, calm, celebration, and rebirth.

The Enigma Room leverages the computational image to a new level of experimentation. Together with Michael Curry, Brenda Bingham, and Rachel Dennis, Kashi seeks to push the evolution of photography by deploying technology as a tool on par with the camera. The installation’s abstract connections link images across time, place, and context. The result is a dreamlike reverie that exposes the enigma of life.


Ed Kashi is a critically acclaimed photojournalist who uses photography, filmmaking, and social media to explore geopolitical and social issues. A dedicated educator and mentor to photographers around the world, Kashi lectures frequently on visual storytelling, human rights, and the world of media.

A member of VII Photo Agency since 2010, Kashi has been recognized for his complex imagery and its compelling rendering of the human condition. His early adoption of hybrid visual storytelling has produced a number of influential short films and in 2015 he was named Multimedia Photographer of the Year by Pictures of the Year International.

His work has appeared in National Geographic, Open Society Foundations, The New Yorker, MSNBC, GEO, Human Rights Watch, MediaStorm, NBC.com, The New York Times Magazine, Oxfam, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and TIME. His work has been published and exhibited worldwide, receiving numerous awards and honors, and he has published nine books of his photography.

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The Enigma Team is comprised of members from Ed Kashi Studio and Talking Eyes Media. Brenda Bingham is one of the co-curators of The Enigma Room, along with Rachel Dennis, a producer with Talking Eyes. Michael Curry, who has worked for many years with Ed Kashi Studio, is the coding artist for the project. They collaborated with Ed Kashi to create this installation.