Victory laughs with her mum as they prepare lunch | Photo credit : Amarachi Chukwuma for The New York Times

Featuring: Eremaya Albrecht, Arleigh Haskal, Tahia Farhin Haque, Julie Lozano, Luxi Yang, Georgia Canning, Constanze Josting, Shraddha Gupta, Atefe Moeini, Noga Sieradzki, Sarah Sunday Moses, Da Hyeon Kim, Jesse Mireles, Yasmine Malone, Amarachi Chukwuma, Ebunoluwa Osaro Akinbo, Anna Dermicheva, TiKa Wallace, Leen Awartani

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Eighteen is an age. It is also a rite of passage.

In the United States, 18 means the right to vote. In Israel, it might mean mandatory draft into the military. Eighteen in Australia means permission to drink at a pub. Around the world, one in five women will be married by age 18. Millions will enter university.

#ThisIs18 aims to capture what life is like for 18-year-old girls across oceans and cultures. This is a celebration of girlhood around the world—through girls’ eyes.

Thumbnail photo credit: Atefe Moeini for The New York Times


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