Paul Seibert Through a Circular Lens

Through a Circular Lens

Paul Seibert Through a Circular Lens

Photograph by Paul Seibert

From Los Angeles to New York City and the landscapes in between, this exhibition (shot on used cameras and lenses) explores the intimate connection between people and the world we live in—how our current “take-make-waste” linear economy impacts that connection, and how nature can inspire us to shift towards circularity and live in a more conscious and sustainable way.

Three photographers, Tiffany S. Bell, Paul Seibert, and Ryan Shorosky, created distinctive work on used cameras and lenses provided by MPB. They brought to life the themes of connection and circularity while extending the creative life of used photo equipment—which is a key way to help make the field of photography more accessible and sustainable.

Featuring: Tiffany S. Bell, Paul Seibert, Ry Shorosky
Curated by: MPB
Location: Empire Fulton Lawn – Empire Fulton Ferry Park Area

Currently The Empire Fulton Lawn on Brooklyn Bridge Park is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays so the new grass can recover from heavy foot traffic each week. If you would like to view one of the exhibitions on the lawn during that time, please reach out to the Photoville team in advance [email protected]

About The Artists

Tiffany S. Bell is a freelance photographer in Los Angeles, CA. She picked up a camera to find a creative hobby, and it was the spark that ignited her passion to pursue photography as a career. Her work spans food, studio, cars, portraits, products, and content for brands and companies. Bell believes that being a photographer is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. She can’t imagine spending this much time and effort pursuing any career other than photography.

Paul Seibert has been a lifelong New York City metropolitan area resident (until recently), and has spent the better part of a decade exploring the city from every angle available. Over the last six years, he has taken to the skies to highlight the unique geographical attributes of the area, as well as the lesser seen architectural details of the most iconic buildings in the world.

His forthcoming publication with Rizzoli Books—”New York From The Air,” due to be released in March of 2022—will be the most up-to-date photo book publication of New York, including all the new dynamic additions to New York City’s skyline.

Seibert’s own creative growth through relationships in the community has instilled the importance of helping others grow through encouragement, education, and personal interaction.

Ry Shorosky is an American photographer and director who was born and raised in the Northeast and is currently based out West. For the past six years, he has split his time between the arts world and being on the road—working and living as a long-haul truck driver throughout the United States. He is strongly focused on visual storytelling; his exploration of the cultural landscape of the country is a never-ending love letter to America itself.

About The Organization

MPB is the platform to buy, sell and trade used photography and videography kit. MPB is a destination for everyone, whether you’ve just discovered your passion for visual storytelling or you’re already a pro. We have always been committed to making kit more accessible and affordable, and helping to visualize a more sustainable future. We recirculate more than 300,000 cameras, lenses and accessories every year, extending the life and creative potential of photo and video kit for visual storytellers around the world.