Small Child in Tehran

Tokyo International Photography Competition 7th Edition Winner Showcase

14 Aug 2020 Brooklyn
Small Child in Tehran
Photo by Hashem Shakeri

LOCATION: Old Fulton Street and Prospect Street, DUMBO Brooklyn
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Over 85% of wetlands have been lost. Roughly half of the worldā€™s coral is gone. At least 75 million acres of primary, or recovering forest areas, have been destroyed in the last ten years.

Rising sea levels, superstorms, melting polar ice, disappearing islands, wildfiresā€¦ the list goes on. It is undeniable that the earth is changing rapidly, as human population and consumption continue to grow. Today, with the threats of human-induced climate change, comes a time for conversation, and a need for transformative changes.

We need to talk about climate change now. The first steps we can take, are slowing down the environmental costsā€”starting with everyone agreeing that climate change is very much a real and imminent threat.

For the 7th Edition of the Tokyo International Photography Competition, we present eight photographers from around the world, addressing the causes and effects of climate change threatening our planet, and the human race.

Featuring: Turjoy Chowdhury, Charlotta MarĆ­a HauksdĆ³ttir, Ciril Jazbec, Acacia Johnson, Ryota Kajita, Robin Michals, Gregg Segal, Hashem Shakeri


Recognizing the difficulty faced by photographers in reaching foreign markets due to language or cultural barriers, the Tokyo International Photography Competition (TIPC) was created to provide an opportunity for photographers to present their artistic visions beyond their countryā€™s borders, opening up the possibilities for cross-pollination and cross-border collaborations.

Each year, a jury composed of acclaimed photography professionals from around the world, nominate eight talented photographers, whose work is exhibited as part of an international, traveling exhibition.