Identity through self reflection in a mirror

We, Women

10 Aug 2020 Brooklyn
Three beautiful black women adorned with flowers
Photo by: Tiffany Smith

LOCATION: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 2 | Get Directions


In a country that is witnessing pivotal public protest and civic engagement, and feels more divided than ever, We, Women shows the power of artists working in community throughout the United States, to find common ground and solutions to the most critical problems facing the country today. Through a radical transformation of image-making, We, Women believes we can revolutionize how we see our country and, ultimately, ourselves.

A preview of the traveling, nationwide exhibit coming in 2021, We, Women at Photoville presents the first cohort of women and gender nonconforming artists examining critical issues across the U.S. through photo-based community engagement projects that resist and interrogate social and political landscapes, while promoting empathy and unity.

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We, Women is generously supported by many individual donors including Anonymous (3), Marilyn and Tim Groves, Patrick West (in memory of Hevrin Khalaf) and our many Kickstarter contributors.

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Featuring: Sol Aramendi, Katie Basile, Cinthya Santos Briones, Koral Carballo + Anita Pouchard Serra + Jessica Ávalos, Willow Naomi Curry + Tiffany Smith, Deborah Espinosa, Annie Flanagan + Ashley Teamer, Tailyr Irvine, Tonika Johnson, Ericka Jones-Craven, Stacy Kranitz, Muna Malik, Bethany Mollenkof, Rosem Morton, Rowan Renee, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Karen Miranda-Rivadeneira, Mayela Rodriguez, Arin Yoon

Curated by: Amy Yenkin, Daniella Zalcman, Danielle Villasana, Emily Schiffer, and Laura Roumanos.

Banner designed by: Rina Malonzo


We, Women re-frames issues, primarily from the perspective of artists of color, and highlights underrepresented narratives. We, Women is not just a grant: it’s an opportunity to shape a national conversation about problems, solutions, and how to find common ground.

The first phase of this developing project features twenty projects in key states, and a traveling national exhibition starting in 2021. Through photo-based community engagement projects, the inaugural cohort of We, Women artists examine critical issues ranging from climate change, political participation, and gentrification, to health, migration, and sexuality. Their work highlights the vital role the arts can play in social change movements by visualizing issues, attracting attention, connecting change-makers, and bridging dialogues.

Every urgent issue in America today impacts women. Women and gender nonconforming people are largely disempowered in our political and social systems. Despite decades of advances by trailblazing women, mainstream media has historically shown the country through a white, cisgender, male lens. Only through a holistic and inclusive understanding of how an imbalanced power structure impacts our entire society, may we hope to create a shift in our political and social systems.



Produced in partnership with Photoville and Women Photograph, We, Women is the largest social impact photo-based art project by women and gender nonconforming artists currently underway across the United States. We, Women was co-founded by Amy Yenkin, Daniella Zalcman, Danielle Villasana, Emily Schiffer, Laura Roumanos, and Rina Malonzo.

Our advisory committee includes: Debbie Almontaser, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Veronica Sanchis Bencomo, Julian Brave Noisecat, Veronica Chambers, Gerlie Collado, Dee Davis, Wendy Ewald, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Eric Gottesman, Elizabeth Hinton, Susan Meiselas, Kristina Newman-Scott, Nina Robinson, Jovan C. Speller, and Quito Ziegler.

Funding for We, Women is generously provided by the Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation, and our many individual donors.