Family during Covid

Where Do We Go From Here?

19 Aug 2020 Brooklyn
Couple submerged in tub during Covid
Photo by C├ęsar Rodr├şguez

LOCATION: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Empire Fulton Ferry Park Area | Get Directions


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When it is the photojournalistÔÇÖs job to document the worldÔÇÖs news events? What happens when a new, deadly disease spreads across the world and threatens nearly everyone and everythingÔÇöincluding the photographer?

What should photojournalists say with their cameras during a time of unprecedented uncertainty and crisis? Do they look outwards or inwards? How does living in increasing isolation impact the work that they make? For photographers whose work is deeply rooted in connection to shared human experiences, what does sensitive storytelling look like in the era of Covid-19?

Over the last nine years, the Chris Hondros Fund (CHF) has awarded grants and fellowships to photojournalists who have compassionately documented some of the most important stories of our time, from VenezuelaÔÇÖs unrest and LiberiaÔÇÖs Ebola crisis, to environmental issues in the United States and China. In 2020 and beyond, the story is how we pick up the pieces from a global pandemic that has left the world with a dramatic loss of life and livelihood.

CHF posed these two questions to three photojournalists: In 2020, what did you see? Where do we go from here?

Featuring: Kiana Hayeri, Meridith Kohut, and C├ęsar Rodr├şguez

Curated by: Christina Piaia and Ryan Christopher Jones


The Chris Hondros Fund (CHF) was established to honor two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, and Getty Images photojournalist Chris Hondros, killed on April 20, 2011, on assignment in Misurata, Libya. The FundÔÇÖs purpose is to honor Hondros’s legacy by focusing attention on how photojournalism brings to light the shared human experiences that might otherwise go unreported or unnoticed.

As part of the FundÔÇÖs Education and Awareness program, we support photography and photojournalism education programs for children and youth, particularly in underserved communities in the New York City Area. CHF supports individual photographers and photojournalists by providing grants to support efforts that raise awareness, and for telling the stories that donÔÇÖt always make the headlines.

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