black and white image of an elderly woman inside a hut

Wisdom Anthologies: The Human Connection | Talk with Anne Marie Vivienne

black and white image of an elderly woman inside a hut

Featuring: Anne Marie Vivienne

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Saturday, September 21 | 7:30PM – 8:30PM
Location: Leica Pavilion


Re-connect with the human experience in an aging feminine perspective of elderhood with Wisdom Anthologies. Wisdom Anthologies document elderwomen who live ordinary lives in extraordinary ways to illuminate their everyday wisdom as we reclaim a culture of human connection. As we face an era of agism and a loneliness epidemic, we turn to listening to the matriarchs who have raised families, nurtured careers, and built communities. Their wisdom of human connection and the human experience has real power to heal generations facing the health, social, and economic risks of social isolation. We reclaim a culture of elderhood as we help families and communities reintegrate elderwomen and their stories into their own narratives. Human connection is the medicine for a generation facing a loneliness epidemic. We make the invisible visible.


Anne Marie Vivienne is a philosopher and documentarian: a writer, photographer, and citizen scientist—a naturalist at heart. She is project-oriented as she pursues a life in the Ecology of Beauty. Her writing and photography reflect her deep passion for myth, archetypes, and the narratives that weave together a collective psyche and illuminate social behavior. She documents women in their final phase of life as she attempts to restore a culture of elderwomen.