Header image by Kris Graves

Queens is Family

Header image by Kris Graves

Photograph by Kris Graves

Family is about depth, about history. It’s a relationship that you don’t choose. Sometimes you’re born into, sometimes it grows naturally from an unplanned connection, but once it happens, it’s part of your life. Family bends, stretches, reconfigures, and challenges, but at its core, family is always there.

In the most diverse borough in the country, the true character of Queens emanates from these communal experiences. It’s found in the constant hustle of Main Street Flushing, on the shores of Breezy Point along Rockaway Beach, at 2 A.M. in an Astoria falafel shop or at a bodega in Jackson Heights.

Queens is a community made up of these relationships. Queens is Family.

This exhibition brings together a broad range of photographers from different neighborhoods, backgrounds and life experiences. It asks: what does family look like to you? How do we express and explore the deepest and most dependable relationships in our lives? How important are they to our own identity, and how do they define us?

The answers are beautifully expressed here in this smorgasbord of life in the great borough of Queens.



Salimah Ali
Jose Alvarado Jr
Kimberly J. Avalos
Kamal Badhey
Kisha Bari
Gisella Dionio
Orestes Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez-Bunster
Kris Graves
Neil Kramer
Dean Majd
Erika Morillo
Beatriz Rodriguez
Griselda San Martin
Joey Solomon
AnRong Xu

Co-curated by: Orestes Gonzalez and Skyler Reid
Location: Culture Lab LIC

This exhibit is made possible by the generous support of Plaxall Inc. and Photoville.

About The Organization

​​Culture Lab LIC is a new nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formed to support the efforts of local artists who have been running the Plaxall Gallery, and its significant community work and arts programming over the past five years. Thanks to the generous donation of a 12,000 square foot converted warehouse from Plaxall Inc., the programs and community outreach have doubled every year since opening our doors in October 2016.