Exhibitions Tagged #Social Change

Picturing Health: Highlights from the World Health Organization archives

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2023

On WHO’s 75th anniversary, this exhibition looks back at some of the highlights from our archives, with a focus on images and stories produced from the 1950s to the 1970s by some of our most prolific contributing photographers.

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Old Fulton Street and Prospect Street
 archive : 2022

Presented by care:work and NYC Parks

Care:work is a clear-eyed look at the diversity of work — the dignity, strength, and challenges confronting caregivers in our families, institutions, and communities.

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Taking It To The Streets

Chelsea Park
 archive : 2021

In response to the rapid succession of police killings of Black Americans in the spring of 2020, a small group of concerned citizens in New York City channeled their outrage into activism—sparking the biggest reoccurring mass cyclist protests the world has ever seen.

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Boss Workers

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5
 archive : 2021

American work has gotten increasingly unstable. It’s no wonder an increasing number are drawn to a model of working that gives them back some power. Welcome to worker co-ops—businesses where the workers literally own the place. Now, they are springing up across the nation.

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System Error

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 3
 archive : 2021

System Error highlights the work of important activists who are on the ground working to reform our prison systems. Our exhibit hopes to inspire others as it it did us—you do not need to be on the frontline or have a personal connection to bring change.

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Events and Sessions Tagged #Social Change

Oct 72021

Good Work: Worker Co-Operatives And Transformative Labor Photography

Co-operative businesses are returning workers’ power. These photographers have shown both the beauty and the effort of when Americans get to be their own bosses.

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Oct 62021

Teen Storytellers Impacting Change (Teen Panel)

ICP Community Programs: Teen Storytellers Impacting Change is a panel featuring current students and alumni in conversation on the roles that photography plays in fostering self-confidence, community building, and social change, especially now during these unprecedented times.

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Sep 162018

Future Imagemakers Speak Out

In this panel, high school photographers from photography programs throughout New York City will present and discuss their work.

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Sep 152018

How Do We Focus Our Gaze? Connecting Photography & Social Impact

Hear from CatchLight’s founder and fellows about our unique focus on solving the giant mismatch between artists and their potential for social impact by surrounding longform storytelling with resources, networks and leadership to bring to life and amplify the reach of their stories.

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Sep 142018

Nonprofit Storytelling: How Photographers and Marketers Inspire Change

In this panel, we’ll be joined by photographers and nonprofit directors to discuss how creatives and marketers work together to bring important stories to life and inspire action — all while navigating tight resources and budgets.

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Sep 122015

Influencing Policy and Social Change through Photography

Photographers spend a lifetime bringing attention to some of the most urgent crises of our time and yet, what happens after they click the shutter in world full of images?

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Sep 212014

Land, Labor, Work

Matt Black documents the changing human relationship to food, farming, and the environment. Alejandro Cartagena documents the development of suburbs and the invisible consequences of this 21st century Mexican progress, where the rapid construction of houses outweighs the development of a social infrastructure.

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Jul 12012

Photography as Activism

This presentation will include a brief history of activist photography, and then a panel of committed photographers will present current projects and discuss their role as advocacy journalists.

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Jun 302012

Artist Talk: Using Your Photography to Make A Difference

Wyatt Gallery talks about his show “Tent Life: Haiti” and discusses his experience with Discover how you can use your style of photography to make a difference.

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