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See the Bigger Picture: Defining Your Style as a Photographer in the Digital Age

Stephen Vanasco  (Van Styles)

Stephen Vanasco (Van Styles)

Explore the art of photography through four unique perspectives unified by a legendary rangefinder camera: the Leica M.

Presenters: Ralph Gibson Mark de Paola Joshua Allen Harris Stephen Vanasco

Moderators: Stephen Pulvirent

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park – Water Street

Presented by:

  • Leica Camera
  • Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy

Explore the art of photography through four unique perspectives unified by a legendary rangefinder camera: the Leica M. At a time when everyone has a camera, how does a photographer stand out from the crowd? What defines a photographer’s style? Where is inspiration found and what role does camera choice play in capturing candid moments. Join us as we explore these issues and the impact of social media on the creative process with four of the industry’s leading photographers.

Presenter Bios

  • Ralph Gibson

    Ralph Gibson

    Ralph Gibson studied photography while in the United States Navy before attending the San Francisco Art Institute and working as an assistant to both FSA photographer Dorothea Lange from 1961 to 1962 and filmmaker Robert Frank. Working primarily with the Leica camera, Gibson is most recognized for overlaying elements of film narrative and mystery onto the Surrealist subject of the female body. Fascinated with books, Gibson started the publishing house Lustrum Press in 1970 and has since published over 40 books, including Somnambulist and State of the Axe. Gibson is a Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France (only given to those who have made significant contribution to the arts) and recently was honored with the Guild Hall Academy of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Award in Visual Arts. His work is included in more than 180 museum collections worldwide. Gibson is the Chair of Contemporary Photography at the New York Film Academy (NYFA), where he mentors and works with students and the three NYFA campuses (NYC, LA,& South Beach)

  • Mark de Paola

    Mark de Paola

    Mark de Paola is a New York-based director and fine art photographer who works in the fashion, beauty, and celebrity sectors in both still and motion pictures. De Paola has shot countless campaigns, editorials, and covers for various noteworthy publications. He has seen his storytelling has also been translated across a broad range of television work, having directed nearly 700 spots.

    His fine art photographic series, 60 Seconds, delves into a realm of abstract figures, fluidity, and poetic forms, which challenge and seduce the limits of motion contained within still images. With each photograph taken as a 60-second, handheld exposure, de Paola has discovered the connection between his physiological make up, the Leica M camera as a tool, and time—the unflinching competitor to the timeless image.

    His most recent commercial works are the Art of Backstage, a worldwide collaboration with Aveda, as well as lectures and workshops including “Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition” at the Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco and “Photography Wide Open” with Leica Camera. Producing and directing multiple upcoming feature films— including Proof Film—as well as producing his own fine art portfolios, de Paola melds the crossroads between both fine art and commercial aesthetic.

  • Joshua Allen Harris

    Joshua Allen Harris

    Joshua Allen Harris was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he went on to study graphic design and illustration. After moving to New York City in 2004 he had the opportunity to attend the School of Visual Arts to pursue a degree in Fine Art. In 2012 Joshua began exploring photography. This medium allowed him to integrate all of his creative interests and since then he has enjoyed pursuing both commercial and personal projects. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife Cameron.

  • Stephen Vanasco

    Stephen Vanasco

    Stephen Vanasco is a N.Y.-born L.A.-raised photographer. The genesis of Vanasco’s foray into the world of photography came in the form of Skateboard magazines, which he would read in the early 90’s. To Vanasco, these images demonstrated a camera’s power to unleash boundless creativity. Years later by happenstance, he found a job which provided a prime opportunity to learn the art of photography. As Vanasco progressed through his photographic journey, he intertwined his teenage passion for skateboarding with his growing aptitude for making photos in conscious journey of following passion before profit. Vanasco has since explored various forms of photography and is currently the owner of Visual, a skateboard and apparel company.

Moderator Bios

  • Stephen Pulvirent

    Stephen Pulvirent

    Stephen Pulvirent is an editor and photographer living and working in New York City. He is currently the Managing Editor of HODINKEE, the world’s premier publication about wristwatches. He previously served as an editor at Surface Magazine in charge of digital products and at Bloomberg Media where he covered watches and consumer technology and was a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV. He is an expert on the intersections of luxury and technology and his work has been published in a diverse array of international publications.


  • Leica Camera

    Leica Camera

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  • Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy

    Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy

    As one of the leading photography schools, the Photo Arts Conservatory at New York Film Academy offers students the remarkable opportunity to study under award-winning professional photographers who remain active in many genres of photography, from fine art to fashion, commercial work, and photojournalism.

    The Conservatory’s photography instructors are not solely interested in producing competent photographers. They inspire artists–each possessing a unique, singular voice–to make their work immediately recognizable. The curriculum and the faculty at the photography school are focused on preparing students to apply what they have learned in class and in their coursework, directly into practice anywhere in the world.

    Simply stated, students receive an extraordinary educational experience, designed to best prepare them to achieve their professional goals.

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