Apr 262019
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‘Seeing with your Heart. Photographing with your Mind’ Photowalk with Bil Brown

Bil Brown

Bil Brown

Infuse the beauty of poetry and emotion with photography in a photowalk with photographer and artist Bil Brown.

Presenters: Bil Brown

Location: Annenberg Space for Photography

Presented by:

  • Leica Camera

Infuse the beauty of poetry and emotion with photography in a photowalk with photographer and artist Bil Brown. Attendees will venture onto practice the art of photography by shooting what they feel, and by extension feeling what they shoot. Taking the aim of photography and embedding in it the sense of poetry, or as the American poet Charles Bernstein called it, “the extension of poetry by other means.” Bil will discuss the American tradition of photography as infused with the Japanese tradition in Southern California prior to the walk.

Presenter Bios

  • Bil Brown

    Bil Brown

    Photographer, director and artist Bil Brown pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling in the realm of photography and cinematography as concrete poetry infused with history, and empathy for our cultural milieu. Although not initially a photographer, Bil is a artist with a lineage. Working as a poet with Beat Generation co-founder Allen Ginsberg, in the realm of experimental film with cinema-icon Stan Brakhage, performance art and theatre with Meredith Monk, Judith Malina/Living Theatre and others of another time and another sense of art-as-activism. More recently, Bil has been under the watchful eyes of pioneering MAGNUM photographers Bruce Gilden and Antonie D’Agata to find a sense of purpose of vision rarely seen in today’s photographic and cinematic work. Bil is a regular contributor to Purple Fashion Magazine, FLAUNT Magazine, AUTRE Magazine, BLOK, LFI, S magazine, and others. His 2018 show, PROTEST, at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles with the estate of the iconic photographer Jim Marshall and photographer/creative director Mynxii White, places Bil solidly in the canon of photographic history and beyond. Based in Los Angeles, Bil frequently travels around the US and to Europe and Asia.


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    Leica Camera

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