Marvi Lacar and Benjamin Lowy
Marvi Lacar and Benjamin Lowy
Marvi Lacar and Benjamin Lowy
Marvi Lacar and Benjamin Lowy

ABC(orona) was born out of the desire to create while locked in our small house, with our two young boys. We spent so much of our careers abroad, but now the adventure was at home. Now, the possible outlets of creativity were confined to the living room and the kitchen.

Stir crazy, our home devolved into laundry-covered couches, a sink-full of dishes, and two very active young boys addicted to video games. We always felt that our parenting skills were a tad underdeveloped. Maybe we needed a handbook or perhaps we were fine, and everyone else felt the same way. Maybe the truth is we are all overwhelmed and weighed down by the possibility of everything we know collapsing around us.

We wanted to create something that would spark joy and connect with other parents. We wanted to learn the language and vocabulary to speak to our children about the hard truths. Maybe we are not the best people to give guidance to current and future parents since we’re winging it, but here we are, hoping to build a tribe with others who are wiser and more knowledgeable.

Artist Bios

  • Marvi Lacar & Ben Lowy

    Marvi Lacar and Ben Lowy, Sony Artisans of Imagery, began their careers as photojournalists and have evolved and adapted as their family grew. Now, photographic and video storytellers for editorial and advertising clients, they spend some of their professional adventures collaborating with their children.


  • Lowy+Lacar


    Lowy+Lacar is an award-winning photography and filmmaking team specializing in authentic, documentary-style storytelling. We started our careers as photojournalists, and we have seen the impact of compelling storytelling. We believe in stories that not only inform, but also pique our curiosity, inspire us, create a ripple within our communities, and make lasting impressions. We work with big and small brands, startups, non-profit organizations, etc.


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