John Loengard
John Loengard

Featuring: Berenice Abbott, Eddie Adams, Esther Bubley, David Burnett, Cornell Capa, Martha Cooper, Nancy Crampton, Jerry Dantzic, Jill Freedman, Tony Frissell, William Gottlieb, Jill Greenberg, Lois Greenfield, Philippe Halsman, Paul Horton, Ronny Jaques, David Kennerly, Douglas Kirkland, Daniel Kramer, Dorothea Lange, John Loengard, Gerd Ludwig, Jay Maisel, Doug Menuez, Gail Mooney, Ruth Orkin, Gordon Parks, Hal Reiff, Arthur Rothstein, Al Satterwhite, Robert Seale, Mark Seliger, W. Eugene Smith, Ian Spanier, Stephen Wilkes, Dan Winters, Art Wolfe.

ASMP is pleased to showcase 75 years of photography that explores the past and the significance of the photographers’/visual creators’ role in creating a language that never ceases to engage the world. Curators Julie Grahame, publisher of aCurator magazine and senior representative for the Estate of Yousuf Karsh, Reid Callanan, Founder of Santa Fe Workshops, and ASMP member, and Archivist Grayson Dantzic, have been tasked with creating a compelling collection of photography that celebrates our legends and explores the scope of our contemporary creators working today.


  • ASMP : American Society of Media Photographers

    ASMP : American Society of Media Photographers

    At ASMP we believe:

    Creators have the right to own their work, and we will fight for that right.

    We are stronger together.

    Images are a vital form of communication and visual literacy is invaluable to our entire culture.

    Successful creatives are successful entrepreneurs.

    The art and business of photography changes constantly, and we will evolve with it.

    ASMP is guided by these values. Our core mission is to advocate, educate, and provide community for image makers — fostering thriving careers, a strong sense of professional ethics, and an unshakable belief in the power of images.

    Creativity is your passion and your livelihood — and ASMP and its membership will stand beside you to help you live your best creative life.

ASMP’s 75th Anniversary

 archive : 2019

Featuring: Various Artists

Curated by: Julie Grahame Reid Callanan Grayson Dantzic (Archivist)

Presented by: ASMP
  • ASMP : American Society of Media Photographers


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