Tamir Kalifa
Tamir Kalifa
Tamir Kalifa
Kasia Strek
Kasia Strek
Images are everywhere, all the time — informing us, entertaining us, selling to us. How often do you make the effort to not just look at a photo, but rather look into it, asking yourself, “What is this photo doing, and how is it doing it?” This exhibition provides tools and questions to better understand photographs by engaging in this type of close reading. Photojournalists use cameras to record and relay newsworthy events to the public. Whether it’s at someone’s home, a public sidewalk, a state capitol, or a conflict zone, photojournalists encounter a range of situations for which they must immediately decide what to include and exclude in a photograph. Every photo offers a multitude of details that can be investigated with a close read.

We asked two recent CHF awardees, Tamir Kalifa and Kasia Strek, to share a series of their own images with these viewer questions in mind: 

As photographs become ever more powerful, expressive, and crucial to the way we absorb information, we hope you’ll employ questions like these as critical tools for a close reading of photographs wherever you encounter them.

Artist Bios

  • Chris Hondros

    Two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and Getty Images photojournalist Chris Hondros covered most of the world’s major conflicts and disasters since the late 1990s, including work in Kosovo, Afghanistan, the West Bank, Iraq, Haiti, Liberia, Egypt, and Libya. Hondros was not just a front-line war photographer—he was a committed observer and witness. His work humanizes complex world events and brings to light shared human experiences. Evident in his writings, interspersed throughout, Hondros was determined to broaden our understanding of war and its consequences.

  • Tamir Kalifa

    Tamir Ben Kalifa is a visual journalist with over a decade of experience working in the U.S., Israel and beyond. He is passionate about human rights, social justice and environmental issues and believes responsible visual story-telling can raise questions that lead to a better understanding of ourselves and one another. Tamir is the recipient of the 2022 CHF & Getty Images Award honoring his distinctive ability to connect audiences through his storytelling and compassion.

  • Kasia Strek

    Kasia Strek is a Polish photojournalist documenting worldwide news and broader consequences of unfolding events on communities that were directly impacted by them. Her personal work focuses on subjects related to social inequalities, environmental issues, and women’s rights. Kasia is the recipient of the Hondros Fellow Award celebrating her commitment to documenting a visual history of news events.


  • Chris Hondros Fund

    Chris Hondros Fund

    The Chris Hondros Fund was established to honor two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and Getty Images photojournalist Chris Hondros, killed on April 20, 2011 while on assignment in Misurata, Libya. The fund’s purpose is to honor Hondros’s legacy by highlighting the ways in which photojournalism brings to light shared human experiences which might otherwise go unreported or unnoticed. As part of the fund’s Education and Awareness program, we support photography and visual education for youth—particularly in underserved communities in New York City. We support individual photographers, students of photography, and nonprofits.

How do you Read a Photograph?

 archive : 2023

Featuring: Chris Hondros Tamir Kalifa Kasia Strek

Curated by: Ryan Christopher Jones Christina Piaia

Presented by: Chris Hondros Fund
  • Chris Hondros Fund


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