Tamir Kalifa

Tamir Ben Kalifa is a visual journalist with over a decade of experience working in the U.S., Israel and beyond. He is passionate about human rights, social justice and environmental issues and believes responsible visual story-telling can raise questions that lead to a better understanding of ourselves and one another. Tamir is the recipient of the 2022 CHF & Getty Images Award honoring his distinctive ability to connect audiences through his storytelling and compassion.

Archive Exhibitions Featuring Tamir Kalifa

How do you Read a Photograph?

Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza
 archive : 2023

Photojournalists use cameras to record and relay newsworthy events to the public. Whether it’s at someone’s home, a public sidewalk, a state capitol, or a conflict zone, photojournalists encounter a range of situations for which they must immediately decide what to include and exclude in a photograph. Every photo offers a multitude of details that can be investigated with a close read. How often do you make the effort to not just look at a photo, but rather look into it, asking yourself, “What is this photo doing, and how is it doing it?” This exhibition provides tools and questions to better understand photographs by engaging in this type of close reading.

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